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The American Energy Channel is a High Definition online tv serving 1,003 Billion Continental residents of the Americas. From Alaska to the Falkland Islands, encompassing the entire Caribbean Region. Our channel was founded for the purposes of regional solidarity and cooperation to resolve the continental energy crisis plaguing a vast number of countries in the Americas. We are Headquartered in the heart of the Energy Hub of the Americas, Fort Pierce, St Lucie County, Florida the United States. Our mission is to massively promote and showcase the superiority of very well-designed energy related products made-in-the United States, superior products like long lasting Solar Panels – Wind turbines and other green renewable energy technologies. The American Energy Channel is also advocating the continued Research & Development for alternative sources of green energy to replace the use of fossil fuels in order to reduce our Continental carbon footprint. Our daily programing can be streamed in two different languages English & Spanish. Pay us a virtual visit @

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